Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day Care Can be Awesome

**FINALLY got the pictures up...dont why they were being such boogars**

I must say that I am glad we changed day cares. Even though it was an abrupt all worked out for the best. Grant LOVES his friends there. ITs great that he can hang with and learn from so many aged children. I much prefer that over the segregated day cares ...although im sure that has its benefits.

Hes got his baby friend Billy...who he ADORES. He loves to take care of him...and pull his pacifier out..put it back in...and on and on for days! He gives him lots of hugs and kisses to and pets his little head. He is very gentle surprisingly enough.

Then he has his best bud TJ. TJ was his friend before Day Care...and now they get to spend hours and hours every week being boys. TJ is 13 months just a tad younger...but he is advanced with the walking and they toddle along and keep up with each other similarly. Its too fun to watch them interact. CUTE STUFF.

Next he has his after school entourage. These are the 5 - 11 year olds that just LOVE Grant. I might add that Grant seems to be very popular hehe. They run in the door ...and he runs back at them for big hugs all around. Grant loves older kids he really does.

**Edited to is grant with michael..who is 3...and who was very shy, timid only child just a few months ago when he started at Desiree's day care. However..he has taken the new kid grant under his wing...and has himself become more of a leader. Its wonderful to watch him tenderly teach grant his abcs and play with him in a brotherly way. They are true friends.

Grant no longer cries when he leaves for "school" in the morning. We sing the off to school song, hugs and kisses over and over between us 3 and then he is out the door as happy as a clam. No more crying! When I visit at lunch...and say crying! He is secure, settled and pleased to be there. Im worried I might be boring at home all day with him. We certainly will need to have play date when if I get to stay at home with him.

Point care can be awesome! Just ask Grant.

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