Sunday, November 25, 2007

sunday night pass out

when i said we were crashing at the marriott....i meant it....we dont actually pay to stay at the place..instead our rich brother who has expendable cash was staying there...and we drove over, swam in the pool, ordered our fav st louis pizza and totally owned the lobby where we watched kept up with the big mizzou ku game....and mizzou won im happy to say. im such a fair weather friend! my boss said i better not come in monday if mizzou IM NOT!!! when he calls around 9:25am gonna hold him to it hehe. i love it!

it was a great trip!

so regarding my girlie bits (if you dont wanna know the slimey details dont read anymore)

i have been spotting VERY lightly since thursday. im talking like once or twice a day. just before i sat down to write this...i had a tad more than maybe just staring my period! holy cats! all i know is im tired of wondering. nomatter what...this was the strangest cycle i have EVER had in my life! im wondering if maybe its even the earlies of menapause or something. or maybe its something negative.....dont want to let my mind wander. anyhoo...i am shopping a new surgeon i will mention all this stuff to her...and im sure there is pre surgery tests that will go hopefully we can get some answers there (if there are any to be had).

So here are some of the pics from the trip. Im so glad I took the time to take them. It was amazing how much emotion they evoked as i flipped back through them!


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Stacy said...

I love the picture of excited Grant walking on daddy's back! And the food looks awesome. Looks like you've had a great trip!