Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Flash Back

So just for fun I decided to rifle through the old old photo bucket and see what i could dig up. However...once again the fact that i am and have always been the primary photographer in the family....means that unfortunately i am in general left out of our documented history. and when i did spend the extra minutes to take a timed ex is right next to me. ho hum. i told dave that if i die early grant wont think i did anything with him due to me being absent from 98.9% of our photo archive. its just not fair - he dont even like to have his pic taken yet he is captured in adorable scenes with our darling young son. grrrrr. and then when im forced to beg for a please take a pic of this sometime...or...i sure would like to have this memory on film....and finally....GO GET THE CAMERA DICK HEAD absent minded gorilla you silly boy.

grant decided to wreak havoc on the pics...treating them with the total disregard that only an uninhibited 16 month old pure anarchist can do without feeling some remorse, guilt or any shred of shame. in the process of trying to save them from his sticky grip my back seized up. i really felt old right then and child getting away with stuff because i cant move hehe. so i didnt have much time to poke through but i did grab a few and this is what i came up with. lets walk down memory lane.

Here is Dave my husband, Happy and I back in 93 (yes that makes happy 14 years old now!)

Here am I 2 years later ('95) in god forsaken Texas....on a trip out west to find happiness (sure as hell didnt find it in texas...although this wildlife refuge was pretty awesome)

These are both taken in 1997

This one is in Mendocino National Forest, CA

and im all cleaned up in my homeade dress for this one:

and then this just cracked me up and i couldnt help but share. its obviously the ad to sell the bus...notice the one phone number taken...thats all it took! the bus has a very fond place in my memories...although i would recommend to you...that when you have an art is quite a luxury to have a normal car on the side...for those occasions you dont want to be noticed, waved at, honked at or otherwise attract attention.we had great times in and with that thing (but im really glad its gone)

So thats it for today. Just a lighthearted pictorial on the paula that used to be...ages 20 - 24. Such a baby!


Christina Joy said...

Good Lord, Dave looked like Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat Ahhh the 90's. Course, I was only what...12? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love pictures!

You're so freakin' cute!

We'll have to have a photo fest one of these days.

Miss you!


Stacy V. said...

Okay, for some reason, the picture in Texas spooks me! is it the expression? The desolate looking area? I don't know... but that's not the Paula I know and love! ha ha