Friday, November 30, 2007

Found a Surgeon!

Had my second surgeon interview on wednesday. After being severely disappointed with the first asshole was a necessity to keep on doling out $35 co pays lookin. Talked with the kind and wise folks at the birth center where i delivered grant paul - they referred me to this new doc, saying if anyone would do it my way...she would. Drove 50 minutes west, sat down with the dr sears discipline book and waited to meet my master her.

It was GREAT. Her nurse practioner is adorable, sweet and kind...even empathetic! They have no problems atall performing the hernia surgery under local anasthesia! Its small enough to do it. And to think the first doc would not even consider it! Hmmm...there must be lots more money in laproscopic procedures...derr. As a recap...the orginal quack spent 10 minutes answering my questions only to walk out on me before i was finished..and refused to consider doing the surgery with less than general anasthesia, intubation and paralytic drugs! Wow....this is a major shift..and i couldnt be happier!

So now we are scheduling...prolly going to get er done the week before xmas. That way i can heal on holiday pay.

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Daniela said...

Hi, did you ever get the hernia repair? I see you had another child since this post and wondered what happened with the "mesh". Asking because I was searching for some answers myself had the repair done last summer and considering having another baby next year. Thanks for any insight you could give to a stranger :)