Friday, November 9, 2007

New Town

Are you sick of seeing endless seas of cookie cutter houses in new developments scattered about suburbia? I find them to have no personality, few trees and overall a since of futility (although somehow i found myself living in one..but at least its a bright yet warmBLUE!)

My mom went and visited this place today. Its called New Town...and its a very fun way to develop.

I personally think every neighborhood should have a park..and a corner grocer (so you can walk to get bread and eggs etc..and a meeting place). This place has it...and its freaking adorable...on the verge of being freakishly perfect..but notheless..a great concept. I love creating community...and this place has it. Sure its has no real character..but it does have promise and potential. Check out their events...really got it going on. Its a little over regulated...but is still pretty cool. Its really an intentional community. Ive never seen anything like it (except maybe on desperate housewives...and the truman show!).

Happy weekend!

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