Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Schmit

So the open house was a total bust. Not one soul walked through the doors :( It was pretty disheartening..but after I came to grips with was all good. The obvious cons are that we spent $100 on advertising and props and a shit ton of time stripping the house of all function and otherwise doing the stuff we shoulda done months ago etc. The less obvious pros, of having an open house disaster, is that the house is stripped of all clutter and we actually did the projects we had been putting off..and the house looks AWESOME!! i feel like martha stewart on crack or something. but closets are perfect, my cupboards are organized and my basement smells good.

However, I cant find our netflix movies because i put them away...somewhere "safe" im sure. This problem of lost and not found will surely be repeating itself as we start actually trying to live in this movie set of a house.

Oh and I must share my Lucy open house moment. For aromatherapy I was going to bake chocolate chip cookies. When I went to pop in my first batch......ACKKKK....oh crap....the oven had been pre heating for a half hour with every pot and pan we own inside her girth! So the scent was of softening rubber instead! Nice move Lucy.

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