Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

well im back at work...back in the groove...back in my comfortable if not somewhat predictable and boring routine. im feeling better (emotionally) today. physically...i feel like a truck ran over my midsection and my crotch is going to fall out.

but besides that...hey the sun is out and my kid is brillant and my husband is faithful and adores me...so im on cloud nine.

speaking of my son's mind...he amazed me over thanksgiving. my mom showed him how to twirl his beloved ho (the plastic garden variety but jokes are a plenty)...hand over hand like a baton. well sure enough...he did it right there and then...exactly just as she had...even humming a little tune at the same time as she had done. we were all just beside ourselves. thats a tricky maneuver and to do it immediately...without the need to practice....it was cool. i ran to get my camera...and of course next time he didnt do it for as long but at least i did get it (not on digital though). it is so fun when your kid shocks you with his superior brain capacity (and where did he come from?).

im getting kinda revved up about the conference in january. im not really looking to sell the house before spring...so im settling in for the winter...and getting excited about my job again. we will be gone for 5 days...so ive recruited my mother as the nanny. that way grant will be toddling along! they can enjoy the pool in the day while im at classes (earning ceus for the first time!) and in the evenings i will skip the drunken folley to chill with my fam. now...if there is a blizzard...im going to have to pull out plan b...which i dont actually have yet. hmmmmm...who lives here that can fart away 5 days with me????? hopefully it wont come to that. my mom is so sweet to do this for me.

ok well off to lunch. oh...btw....my surgeon appt turned out to be wednesday!!!!!!!! derrrr.....so tomorrow i will meet with her and schedule it...as long as she is coolio. i know she is willing to do it under local anesthesia if the hernia is small enough..fingers crossed!

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