Monday, November 19, 2007 positive but im still negative

Hey whats up? Monday morning...this sucks donkey nuts woo hoo!!

Well...another day another dollar - as in dollar general pregancy tests that guessed it $1. It screamed negative...but its still early. Aunt Flow should be coming this week sometime. Unfortunately I have not been charting at all accurately so its not exact. Point being...usually it takes till you are late to test positive. Yes i am in a rush. Yes i wanna know. If im not prego i want to order a foo foo martini and a hella lotta sushi...and NOW.

I told my sweet husband this weekend. I had just been feeling like a blow fish without any blow not the greatest and he asked me what was going on? Did I have a bug or something. Ya you could say that. A little bug called SPERM with your name on it buddy (tmi yet very obvious). He was very suprised yet aloof (typical) and ended up being a little extra tender and sweet! Still he is very much rooting for old aunt flow to hurry on back for a visit.

The cramping has not stopped since Thursday. Its light menstral cramping...pretty much non stop. Ive had 2 bouts of nausea (not like me atall). Ive needed cat naps to stay vertical (not like me atall), and Ive had multiple brainfarts - one of these involved desparately searching for my keys for 10 minute only to find them on the key rack (like me - but usually i find them within a couple minutes!). All of these "symptoms" remind me of good ol pregnancy #1. I really really want to find out...and just know. Im not like my good friend Des who can go for months without comfirming. Hell no. I want to start obsessing enjoying the process.

Are the strikeouts angering you to the point of ho ho indulgence annoying you at all? Hope not...bc i really dig em. They are fun...and a great distraction from my crazed mind.

Will return later with a non pregnancy related post.

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