Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fruit Tree Tour Inspiration

Dont you just LOVE it when something pops out at you and screams HOPE and INSPIRATION and gives you goosebumps all over??? Who doesnt right. Well dear husband had control of the remote..and we do NOT agree on programming so I was going about my business managing the household...when I happened to hear something on the tele that said in a soft sweet voice...." Paula...get your arse over here and improve yourself". So I did...and now I want to share it with you.

The Fruit Tree Tour(one project of Common Vision)is comprised of 3 bio diesel fueled buses (run on used vegetable oil) that caravan about spreading a message of earth education to generally underserved urban areas. They visit schools and spend a day jammin, educating and planting fruit trees right on the school property. ITS BEAUTIFUL. I am so amazed and thankful for their work. It excites me.

You can get a preview of the documentary I saw today on PBS along with other news and links. There is also a blog that covers all the Common Vision projects. And this site lists other caravans throughout the world that have beautiful missions! These people ROCK. I sincerely hope you will check out their site and get inspired to not only plant trees...but get a bit greener..and live out your dreams. Thank

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Stacy V. said...

I thought of you in the wee hours this morning while I was up with Alexis. There is a show called 30 Days hosted by Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me.In each episode, a person or group of people will spend 30 days immersing themselves in a particular lifestyle with which they are unfamiliar (e.g. working for mininum wage, being in prison, a Christian living as a Muslim etc.) while discussing related social issues. As in Spurlock's film, there are a number of rules unique to each situation which must be followed during each such experiment.

Anyway, last night it had two people from a nice big city spend their 30 Days at Dancing Rabbit in Kirksville, MO--a commune!!