Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scoby Dooby Kombucha

Yesterday, while perusing motheringdotcommune, I learned of kombucha tea on this thread...and was immediately intrigued. Have you heard of it? "Kombucha is the Western name for sweetened tea or tisane that has been fermented by a macroscopic solid mass of microorganisms called a "kombucha colony," usually consisting principally of Acetobacter-species and yeast cultures" - wiki

Turns out its around 2000 years old...the technique or recipe that is. Since i am ever on the hunt for immune boosters and healthful bacteria sources...this tea is now on my to do list. I like the challenge of finding a scoby and experimenting to get a good final product.

Its certainly a pancake sized mushroom or SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast)which is very much a jar with tea and sugar...and wait 2 weeks. If the ph is between 2.5 & have kombucha...which is generally believed to be a very healthy and refreshing drink.

While at the local health food store last evening...I asked around to see if there just might be a SCOBY donor among the help...and sure enough...looks like I may be adopting one in the future! gather my supplies...1 gallon glass jar, organic black tea, rubber band, coffee filter, and maybe even cute cork topped bottles for storage.

Have you tried Kombucha before? Commercial or homebrew? What did you think of it? Maybe you have even made some before. I would love to hear from everyone with kombucha experience...and those who are just hearing of it. Sure was news to me. Sounds fun and just waiting for the scoby to arrive.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE KOMBUCHA! I discovered it in Hawaii via my friend Mickey. He's a real health nut and demanded that I try it because I'd been complaining of extreme foot pain (I could hardly walk-it felt like my feet were broken) brought on by the shitty shoes they forced us to wear. One bottle of this magical beverage and my feet were like feathers! Feathers, I say! I swear by it! I always get the Synergy brand from Wild Oats (or wherever)-because it got Mickey's endorsement.

I've heard that if you buy a bottle of kombucha and just save a little bit of it and put it in a larger container, the scobi will multiply (as fungus do), then you can add that to your tea.

That's surprising that they didn't have kombucha at the health food store...

can't wait to hear what you think of this magical potion.

Paula said...

Thanks mystery woman for posting! The health food store did have some...but for some reason i was more focused on brewing the stuff.

My DH suffers from foot pain..hopefuly he will have feather feet as you did once drinking the beverage of champions

Lindsey said...

ah c'mon, I'm the mystery woman! Lindsey!