Friday, March 30, 2007

Personal Jokes

One of my favorite things to share with grant is our personal jokes. When I find something that he thinks is hysterical...and then we just take turns laughing back and forth. To see him in a hard core belly laugh just lights up my world. He really loves to watch me laugh too.

ITs friday its friday. Im doing the friday dance. I still think a standard work week should only be 4 days long with a sweet 3 days weekend. That would be much more balanced.

Grant is trying to say DOG! That would basically be his first word..besides mama and dada. He is really into the old girls.

I watched Marie Antoinette last night...and this morning...and I REALLY enjoyed it. I would have to say its the perfect Paula movie. Only a split second of violence (and even it was only the aftermath), lots of gorgeous landscape and beauty along with opulent partying. I admit the film lacked on plot but thats exactly how i like them. I know im wierd. I just dont like for my movies to stress me out. I want to have fun. The ending was lack luster....but thats ok. I just keep thinking to myself...why didnt they just give the peasants some flour? What bastards.

Grandma Burkemper, Auntie Mary Rita and little Mary should be on their way. We are going to spend a warm and rainy weekend together. They should really get a kick outta little grant. He is such a character.

Happy weekend to ya! May you see many rainbows.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

hump day

This morning started off on a different foot, which is a nice change of pace. My piano student, Quinn, invited me to his school performance day, where he was to play a piece. I made it out the door by 8:30 and was in the pew by 8:45. He was a smashing success..and even pulled off the bow I had encouraged him to do. HOW ADORABLE. I was a very proud teacher…and it was sweet to see him happy to have me there..peeking over the crowd smiling.
Grant made his folks super proud last evening..when he pulled up for the first time! Mama and papa clapped and grant just squealed with glee. It was a fun moment. That little guy wants to walk so bad. We are going to find him walker this weekend.

Work is very very busy right now…we are working with a professional web designer to get our website up and running…I am presently gathering all the info that we want on there. We also have the directory deadline coming up in 2 weeks. SO im programming for summer…looking for instructors etc. If that wasnt enough, I am using a new company for sending out my online newsletters…so its been tricky learning how to use it and such.

Grant is super adorable and I am enjoying him to pieces. He has such a wonderful since of humor and we can really get to joking around. I am so in love. This has been an amazing experience that I cant imagine my life without now.

Grandma B and Aunti Mary Rita & little Mary are visiting this weekend! We are all excited and anticipating the fun we shall have.
Off to work. I barely had time to squeeze this in.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

thursday ramblings

can it really be thursday already? its strange how time flies like never before! tonight we get to pack our bags so that friday at 4 we can hit the road! columbia here we come. there we will visit with friends Marissa & Matt and then on Saturday we meet up with family in Jefferson City. It is going to be a nice trip. Fingers crossed Grant deals with his car seat in a passive manor.

Grant behaved beautifully last night. I always get nervous when I have a board meeting. We have had "issues" in the past...issues that include dad calling me on my cell begging (or was that demanding) that i come home immediately..and that i was never to leave him alone with grant again! HEHE. But last night he took an amazing nap of 1.5 hours then i nursed him and said goodbye. Daddy fed him some berries and then they played together and all of a sudden mama was home! I was greeted with bright and big smiles and wiggling. AHHHHHHHHh it felt so good to be home with the fam. Off to the tub we went.

Grant is in good humor even though he still needs breathing treatments...2 -3 times a day. We are just trying to stay on top of it and not let it get out of control. When he stops coughing we will stop giving him the treatments. Most of the treatments are given while he happily snoozes away. Occasionaly he gets one while awake. He definitely knows the drill and isnt afraid anymore. As long as we have an Einstein video on he tolerates them pretty well...just pushing the mask away a few times...and if I give him a break ...he lets me put it back within a minute or so. Sweet little baby. Such a trooper!

It is sooooooo cute watching him spin in circles on his bumm. He certaily has it down pat! He uses his heals to spin..and he knows exactly how to go in the direction he wants. Its adorable to watch him play while spinning. He will get a long lock of pop blocks and drag them on the ground while he spins in a circle...all the while zerberting or making other silly sounds and then if he sees something reachable he will tap it with the blocks. I love watching him play. His favorite toy right now just might be the wagon though. Its like he is a mechanic or something.

Spring has sprung and I couldnt be more pleased! Next stop flowers and sweet breezes.
the pics were taken in my office. he loves standing alone ...such a treat for him.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

when its good its great

long time no write. ive been busy with a sick kid and then weekend guests. oh the roller coaster of life...its never dull.

hard to believe its march 20th already! thats just rediculous. before you know it my birthday will be here! yae. im still dreaming up what adventures i would like to take to celebrate the big...oh my goodness...34! at least there is a 4 in it. gonna be a great year.

its true.....we are all just kids inside aging bodies. sure we mature to some degree...but overall...the child inside of us is still playing, still aching to get messy with finger paints and itchy from playing in the grass on a hott summers night. hey maybe thats what i should do on my birthday hehe.

grant is FABULOUS. he is sooooo delightful when he feels good. his most recent obsession is walking. he wants to hold onto your fingers and walk anywhere youll go. he is getting better at it. he doesnt step on his own feet as much. balance is still very wobbly...but i would say he is getting the hang of one foot in front of the other. it wouldnt suprise me if he walks instead of crawls...and ive actually been saying that forever...but now i really can see it happen. of course...thats still months away most likely. it takes a ton of coordination to do the tango. he gets all excited when he is good at it and even does the high step in honor of the occasion.

even though he is only 8 months old....12 month old clothes seem to fit the best. he can wear 6-9 months...but many are very tight...and im all about the comfort. he is thinning out some....not super chunky anymore...and i can see his face changing. he still has an inch to pinch...which is soo much fun..and i love to kiss him all over and squeeze his girth.

grandma bb and grandma lo came to visit this past weekend. it was such a lovely visit! grant started feeling good on saturday and showed them his charming personality which was much to his mothers relief. it may be rediculous...but i so want other peeps to see the baby that i know he is...the happy go lucky, funny, silly, entertaining and loveable grant...who feels good. unfortunately the little guy has had more than his fair shair of yucky feeling days...which will make anyone a grump. but the grandmas did get to see his sweet baby side..and we had FUN. we all walked in the grand tongie st pats parade! grant barely stayed awake for it...but did enjoy it i could tell because he didnt complain. by the last turn he let himself go to sleep. you can tell in the pic how sleepy he was hehe.

much love!

Friday, March 9, 2007

sleeping arrangements

so this is our life - refer to made me laugh outloud for a long while. feels good to be understood! that is SOOO me in the morning...and SOOO dave in the morning. its hilarious.

co sleeping is amazing, precious, special, delightful, challenging, painful, insane hehehe....but really...i do believe it fulfills a purpose and does create memorable moments of bliss...when you look down and see the moonlight (or nightlite hehe) dancing off your child's profile as they breathe deeply in peaceful, contentment or when he reaches out just to feel that im there and then nods right off. to feel his little feet on my tummy where he likes to keep feel his warm, milky breath on my chest.. and to see his big wide eyes in the morning right after he pats me awake. these truly are the memories i cherish.

Monday, March 5, 2007

caged bird

as i walked through the park with grant this afternoon.....i realized that indeed most of us spend the greater portion of our lives indoors. no wonder we get cabin fever. no wonder we ache for freedom. my office doesnt even have a window in it. and i cant even complain....i have a real office...not a cubicle.

fresh air is like manna from heaven. one thing i love about tongie is just that. the air tastes good smells good...and it is just good.

i told grant today that we are going to spend as many lunch hours as possible doing just that...savoring fresh air, dancing on the path in each others arms, singing silly songs, observing wildlife & feeling the grass on our toes. spring is a passion of mine...that im thrilled to be able to share with my son. oh the simple pleasures of motherhood.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wheres Granto?

My son is in cognito as a grumpy old sailor...he swears and throws his toys ...just an angry young man...and i cant say that i blame him. he has been sick since last friday...almost a week now! started with vomiting and has become a TERRIBLE cough/congestion/achy/fever etc thingy. POOR LITTLE GUY. hoping that any minute now he comes back to mama...the smiles, the since of humor, the sweetness.

Grandma Bollinger visited last weekend...and she taught him how to patty cake! he puts his little hands together...and knows the work pattycake...its very fun. He had a great visit with to know her again real quick like. And even though he was sick...he maintained a decent composure for most of his visit. Grant is such a trooper like that.

I cant believe he is a week from being 8 months old!

The picture is from his first swimming experience..he LOVED it! cant wait to go back.

Im dazed and confused from the lack of sleep and this is all i got.