Thursday, July 26, 2007

38th Street Commune visit

Here we are....back from our trip home. 4 days and 4 nights of twilight zone type fun. The 38th street commune as i call 3 houses in a row on 38th street of course...that are basically a commune although they dont know it. they share everything except partners! Truly it was a great trip and I wouldnt trade did come with a fare share of stress and misery hehe.

Friday afternoon, Dave took us to Union Station. We had a while to enjoy the fountain (pic). Then we hung out in the station itself and grant loved having that much open space to run and play donut catch with dave (where you roll a donut toy and grant goes and finds it). He looked soooo tiny in that huge place. The pic is entitled "to scale". Then the clock turned 4:15 and we walked the bridge to the awaiting train. Good byes to daddy and then vwhooosh...we were off. Grant was a bit clingy and cuddly...i guess being in a different place (although this is his 3rd train trip). So he quickly went off to dream world in a state of nursing bliss (whats new). Upon waking he was a bossy, loud, walking, running, adventure seaking 1 year old who stressed his mama out. There were good times...there were bad times..but was tolerable.

We arrived in St Louis 1 hour late, but it was great to see the parental unit. Grant was he didnt rest after that first nap. He was crabby so being the self sacrificing mother that i am...I contorted in the back seat and nursed him all the way home (25 minutes). We collasped into bed dirty, tired & excited.

Saturday was spent walking grand avenue in my old hood. We visited with my moms hairdressers (all the ladies in the commune go there and are like family themselves), had a fabulous lunch at Chimichangas (OMG the best chimis in the midwest! seriously), shopped till we dropped at the consignment shop "its new to me" where grant loaded up on clothes & a few new toys (for grandmas only). One of the toys is an old xylophone...which after purchasing i realized may have be i am looking into that. Lastly we popped into my moms nail salon (yes its true). We acted quickly so as not to be asphixiated from the fumes. They all said the baby was adorable and we left. The rest of the day was spent napping and prepping for sundays open house. That evening mom did make a delicious dinner and Elly (my other mother, grant's grandma lo & my mom's neighbor for 35 years) visited with us.

Sunday we had the open house. It was so nice to see friends and family. Aunt Bonnie, cousin Sandy, Grandma Burkemper and Aunt Rita, my moms friends Barbara, Mary & Vera, cousin Ann and my friend Jayna, her son Eli & Grandma Lo came. We had lots of snacks and enjoyed the ambiance of my mothers gardens. It was a lovely afternoon. I appreciate everyone coming.

Sunday evening we caught a concert at the park. They were playing covers like "we are family" and "at last" and "dancing in the street"...and grant and i boogied hard. It was SOOOO much fun! Grant has become quite the dancer and he was even cheered on by the vocalist. It was so nice to be at what i consider my home park...carondelet. Such fond memories going all the way back to toddling around the lake with my brothers. My dad still fishes there EVERYDAY!!!! seriously

Monday we stayed at home for the most part. I took Grant on a walk around the hood. IT was wild seeing all the old haunts. I told grant all about them and he really enjoyed it. City living is SO different from where I live now. I can see how it is fun because there is always something going on, always interesting, and of course convenient....but its also congested, dirty & dangerous. That evening we caught another concert in the park...different park...overlooking the Mississippi river. A quartet playing bluegrass entertained us as grant played in the grass and on the slide. It was there we saw his new teeth for the first time! Such a great memory. St Louis at its finest.

Tuesday we went to Union Station and had a luxurious lobster meal courtesy of my parents. It was DELICIOUS. We walked the station before catching the train back west.

Sounds perfect and peaceful right? Well like i started off with was great and fun...yet not without stress. Grant's cough progressively worsened till we were giving mr mistys every 4 hours...and one day/night he couldnt sleep bc he just kept coughing. parents house is everything but he got into everything and danger was everywhere...including her yard which has gardens and lots of rocks, metal things and concrete. he hit his head really hard on the concrete first thing. from then on i was on edge. we slept upstairs (in my old bedroom) and even though we had a babygate for the didnt fit right so i was always chasing him to the stairs or running up during his naps to make sure i got to him before he tried them himself! grant wouldnt hardly eat the whole trip...prolly a combo of travel jitters/stress/chaos and teething...but it was troublesome to constantly have him reject food when he normally eats so good. thank god for breastfeeding! i always know he is getting that. then right before we left for the mom lost a piece of his nebulizer we spent a good half hour combing the house for a critical piece..that we never then we went to 3 pharamacies before finally going to teh childrens hospital ER to get one. turns out you need a presciption to get them!!!!!!!!!! how rediculous!!!! besides that the pharmacies order them with the meds. so the time we got to the hospital i as completely frayed. grant needed a treatment on the train. he would have survived...but it would help him breathe and be more comfortable (he had been wheezing for days). THANK GOD that they were good to me! And after the receptionist scared me by saying we would prolly have to be admitted to the er to get one...and then i cried..and then she got the respiratory therapist..and she was an ANGEL. i love her so much. seriously..want to bring her home with me. she talked with me then brought out a few FREE nebulizer masks/med holder mister thingys. i hugged her and thanked her profusely. so then we had our peace of mind and went to enjoy our elaborate lobster dinner...knowing that grant could have his treatment on the train. which he did...and he barely coughed the whole trip!

on the trip first i was holed up with a bunch of stuffy business fact the one dude said "oh no" when he saw me sit down (great thanks buddy ole pal) was quiet as a mouse in there and pretty full too...i knew that loud grant would piss em all off...but luckily? the air conditioning was not working very good so by jeff city we moved back to coach where i met another mommy (with 3 yes 3 kids by herself) and we set up train day care and had a hoot the rest of the trip (pic)

so now we are back home...settling back into our routines (which by the way i realized we have an awesome, stable routine that grant enjoys! proud of that). grant is back to eating like a horse and sleeping better. he is still on breathing treatments 5 -6 times a day...but is holding his own. as long as he doesnt get worse we are good. its great to be home! daddy missed us and we missed him and its good to all be in bed together once again.

peace out

Thursday, July 19, 2007

meet me in st loui loui

im the mama of a 1 year old...wierd! he is such a kid now! i peeked out the window this fine evening to see him watering the new ornamental grasses with his dad...he was actually holding the hose..directing it at the was so cute! didnt get a digital pic of it...was lucky to grab the video cam...anyhoo...he is learning and changing and growing right before our eyes!

words he says: bubble, no, ya, all done, door (doh), mom (mama or mom), dad (dada or dad), baby (beeee), grandma (nana), neal (nene), dog (daugh).

words he understands (a quickie, not complete list i am sure): hi, bye, ride, bite, down, up, dog, door, come here, food, listen, dance, fan, sleep/bed, walk, milk, drink, no, mom, dad, grandma, grandma neals, baby, ball, catch, go get it (i think), grant, look, water, home, ouch, yuck, bath, diaper

im sure there is more but i am in a bit of a hurry see because i am packing for a trip to st louis to visit the fam. grant and i are taking the amtrak tomorrow even at 4:30 and should arrive somewhere abouts 10:30. daddy cant come bc he is working both sat and sun but has plans to enjoy the bachelor type ambience with lots of reclining, game playing, movie watching and otherwise relaxing. we shall miss poppy.

the pic is of grant enjoying the fact peeing in pot..although not the best pot to pee in ...actually a pan...but you get the idea. he truly yearns to fit inside the pan even though it pains him so. another trend is to bend over to bite on things including food, balls & basically any toy..its pretty cute. he is just exploring his world in every way he can think of!

this week has included his first large black & blue swollen knot on the head (the size of a quarter) that he got at day care...falling onto her hope chest (i cant imagine his injury if it hadnt had rounded corners), itchy red scrotum due to moms grassy assy pic....lord have mercy!, bum rash due to half sour pickles i believe grrrrr....and more than a handful of mr mistys (breathing treatments) due to "hay fever" a.k.a seasonal allergies.the kid does amazingly well considering the hurdles he must jump. for now we are avoiding goats milk(to see if he improves without it...although i must say as of right now it doesnt seem to be the culprit).

next post....wednesday of next week! unless i find an innocent st louis pc to victimize.
peace out

Sunday, July 15, 2007

life is grande

needed to share the aforementioned impromptu birthday serenade on the eclectic mass street in lawrence,ks. it is strange yet beloved.see for yourself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our baby turned 1!

whew...we are exhausted! what a weekend.

friday morning the grandmas arrived. 8 dozen cupcakes baked, cooled & iced and then we are in the office blowing up 3 dozen balloons! man my finger hurt. 2 sliced watermelons & 4 gallons of lemonade later...we are at the pool. it got a bit crazy the last half hour..but it all turned out good..even great!

the best part for me was everyone singing happy birthday to grant and then the baby stage...where the 6 babies in attendance gathered together with grant for some pics and overall baby merriment. it rocked. grant had a GREAT TIME!!! he swam for basically the full 2 hours minus time for nursing and gobbling down his first cupcake! he even managed to pull off a new swim move...."jumping" in ....which is basically a butt wiggle till he slides in...very very cute!

we had a handful of family make the trip which was very touching. uncle jim, uncle steve (dave's brothers), aunt leisa & cousin zachary & both grandmas were present. my work family also make it...which was so very nice. grant's friends came...miss vivian, mcclellan, keira, TJ & Quinn. he was surronded with love. thanks to everyone for attending our big day! it means a LOT.

after the party the fam came back to our pad to chill for a bit. grant was overstimulated by all the presents and put on quite a show. it took us forever to go to sleep...i for one didnt get to sleep till after 2am. saturday we hit the new tongie farmers market and a yard sale. hung out in the kiddie pool where cousins played (aka annoyed each other). the serious cathlics made it to mass then we met up on mass street (how appropriate) and ate a birthday dinner at Free State Brewery. It was a lot of fun! after a stroll down mass, which included the craziest impromptu, bday serenade by a street band, we headed back for some baby entertainment at the homestead.

sunday included a photoshoot...poor grant was sleeping when we got some of the pics are sleepy and somber which are very precious! no he wasnt a bit cranky at being woke up 30 minutes into his much needed siesta! he was in his element...being cute..being the center of attention. we got some good ones! yae! cant wait to send them out in the thank you cards!

overall it was a wonderful first birthday weekend for our son grant. it wouldnt have been as special without all the love shown to him by family and friends. thanks everyone! grant is a lucky little boy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007