Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am START!ing - How about you?

Start!is an American Heart Association movement to promote physical activity through workplace walking programs. It calls on employers of all sizes to "create a culture of physical activity" to improve health...which is a win win for employees and the bottom line.

Many company's are offering their own incentive programs that compliments Start!
For instance one agency I know rewards walkers with time off from work for every 30hours of activity! Isnt that awesome? There are lots of ways to have fun with this program. Sometimes they will create friendly between departments or floors...with the "winner" having documented the most active hours (at work). There are also agencies that offer a half hour for walking during the work day (beyond the lunch hour)! I think this is incredible.

So check it out and encourage your employer to adopt the program. The American Heart Association offers lots of program resource material to make participation easy and fun. Couldn't you use an extra push in the right direction?

My personal commitment is a new lunch routine. Starting tomorrow (February 1) the plan is to walk 1/2 hour Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the gym (on bad weather days - walk at the park when it is pretty) and spend the other 1/2 hour with Grant at day care (to accomplish this all in 1 hour...I will change clothes at work and probably be taking more like 1 hour and 10 minute lunches until I get heckeled). On Tuesdays, and Thursdays I will spend the entire lunch hour with Grant and work out in the evening during my Women's Weight Loss Bootcamp here in town. I also intend to prepare rockn salads to bring for lunch. Im not talking rabbit food...I want beautiful artful salads with delicious fresh toppings and crumble cheese hehe. That way I wont feel cheated. So thats my physical activity and nutrition plan. Ready set......GOOOOOOO.

I challenge you to boost your physical activity...for yourself and your family.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Go Red for Women - February 1 and beyond

Weeks ago I promised some more of the "lost ones" I had taken at work and had been forgotten about as they are mixed in with official work related photos. However...I wanted to post a bit about 2 amazing American Heart Association campaigns that I learned about at that conference I attended last week (was that really only last week? WEIRD). So to multitask and more importantly mix serious stuff with entertaining baby pics we go.

Did you brush your teeth today? (hopefully) Did you exercise your heart today? This questions really hit a home run with me. It stuck. I had never thought about it that way before. And yes it is a hella a lot easier to replace your teeth than your heart! Exercising your heart should be as routine as teeth and hair brushing..and other "normal" hygiene practices we have. Boy was that a wake up call for me.

The Go RED for Women campaign is a nationwide movement to encourage women of all ages to improve their heart health to live longer and stronger. Heart disease is the number 1 killer of American women ages 20 and over! (and of men too)However...heart disease can largely be prevented. This campaign is a fun way to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to take action to reduce your risks.

A few stats to get under your skin:
* In 40 year old nonsmokers, females loose 7.1 years off their life due to obesity!
* High blood pressure is 2-3 times more common in women taking oral contraceptives
* More than 28 million American women are obese (Holla)
* 60% of adults between the ages of 18 - 24 live inactive lifestyles
* 10,000 women between the ages of 29 -44 have a heart attack each year

So anyhoo...the point here ...once to take charge of your health. You may feel young and invincible right now...but heart disease creeps up on you and can steal your youth from you. I just keep thinking that I want to be around for my son as long as possible. When I hear of women dropping dead at 41...YIKERS...I mean yes we are all gonna die from something...but heart disease is greatly preventable.

So I hope you will check out the website and makes some improvements in your heart health. The official wear red day is this Friday, February 1...but more than that...its about a reality check.

Well my time is up...must take my lunch...and run over to see my beautiful precious son. I will post about Start! tomorrow. It a great way to get your employer to adopt a wellness incentive program for their employees(which means more opportunities and rewards for you walking and improving your health!).

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tubbin at 18 months old

Bath time at our house.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

blue delight

here we are having a wild saturday night!

listen for him to say "Sadi" and "Dog".

Cosleeping and Marriage

My husband has never been fully on board with the co sleeping issue, and it is really causing rifts in our marriage. Yes we are still going strong and are pretty darn healthy overall...but this subject...and parenting in general causes some heated discussions...and for about the past dear husband has been sleeping in another room.

I am torn. I am completely comfortable sharing a bed with my son. Not only do I feel that it fulfills his nighttime needs, but also mine. Yes my sleep is interrupted many times a night, but overall I sleep more because I am not getting up to attend to him. I also enjoy the fact that we can snuggle and be together...especially because I work outside the home and miss those daytime hours. Co sleeping seems natural to me and it is right for me and grant. is not so for my husband.

A loving and tight parental bond is a gift to the child. Everyone of us wants our parents to be madly in love. It is the best environment for raising children. I do understand that by nurturing my relationship with Grant's dad I am giving Grant a powerful foundation for learning, growing, evolving and essentially becoming an amazing human being. I sincerely want that for Grant. I want it for myself as well.

So here I a the middle of my two guys. This sucks. I have 3 people in the mix here...3 interests. I believe that the mother and child (especially when nursing) are a couple of their own sorts the first 2 years. Around that time the child starts separating on their own accord ...a natural development. Grant has the rest of his life to be going solo...I just do not feel the need to push him out of the nest. However, to nurture my husband ( I could so go on an anti man bashing crusade here but that would be stupid) I need to compromise so that our relationship does not suffer. This is tough stuff people.

So what will the compromise be? I have already offered starting a transitional period where Grant learns what "his bed" is. We can start nights here for a while. Of course this whole process will be harder on me that the present arrangement. My sweet husband gets a full nights sleep nomatter the sleeping situation!GRRR. I would rather wait till Grant is 2 or even 3 to do this. I keep telling my husband that even the freaks hehe, who train their babies to sleep alone have many disruptions in sleep. Babies and children just do not sleep like we do. Plan to have your life turned upside down. Period.

Anyhoo this post was much less informational than I would like but I am rushed because my 18 month old wants to go to the park on this gorgeous 50 degree day in January! I wish my husband would just follow my lead and enjoy these very short years where Grant is a baby. The really confusing part is that he appears to enjoy sleeping with us...all grins and smiles upon waking and getting hugs. There is some primal/machismo stuff going down here...and its just way beyond me. I guess I would like to continue to talk about this. I know it is a common issue with co sleeping families...when one parent desires a different arrangement. Till then.....

this article is short and sweet and has the results of multiple studies on the long term effects of co sleeping

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday night feeling allllright

This month has swooooooooooshed on by in mighty fashion. Sure 2 trips both about a week in duration will do that to a month it is true. For a frigid, stiff, usually boring month like January...this one has beat all.

Although I did not have to work in the office day was super dooper ridiculously busy. I unpacked (again), started laundry, did the dishes, balanced the check books, drove to Lawrence to shop for my American Girl Doll Party tomorrow (yes don't laugh)and spent one hour at the Merc choosing immune boosters for the family (oh ya I had a sushi lunch it was not all work). On my way home I did some much needed banking (the old fashioned in person type) and stopped by the office to play catch up so Monday won't be hellacious. By the time I arrived back home to enjoy my "day off" it was 4PM. I quickly popped in my netflix movie..." A long engagement" and 45 minutes later i picked up Grant from day care. After I finish this blog I will resume the viewing. Honestly...I love watching a flick in 2 or more suits my lifestyle remarkably well...and I enjoy pausing and reflecting on what I have seen. My husband HATES doing this..and it is another reason we watch very very very few movies together (but overwhelmingly it is because he has terrible taste in movies heheh)

Grant had a blast at day care. He missed his friends so so very much. He was chasing down strange children on the trip hoping to get a minute of interaction with his own kind. He definitely knows he is a kid.

Oh and a quick update on Grant's tender ears (A.K.A. ear infections)....after over 2 weeks of weeping ears and no vast improvement using natural remedies...I decided to discuss with our pediatrician another option. What other antibiotics are available...Bactrim was not going into my son...what else can we try (he is already intolerant of amoxicillan and cefadroxil..basically all generations of cephlosporin). Fortunately he offered up zythromycin. 29 hours into treatment he appears to be tolerating it perfectly! This is very exciting because my mother and a close friend both had terrible reactions to it...including excruciating cramps and explosive diarrhea (tmi). I was nervous giving it to him....but NOTHING LIKE WITH BACRTRIM!!!!! That stuff can kill you! It is on the insert. Straight up....Russian roulette...hope for the best. Now I realize anything can kill you...and everyone reacts differently to drugs...but Bactrim kills on a regular basis. Steven Johnsons syndrome is what it can cause...and that is the killer...the skin falls off..Oh lordy...Im sorry but I cannot take that risk or just the overall heavy side effects. So long story short.. he is on antibiotics...and please god please...let it kill the infection for good. I also have him on double probiotics, lots of yogurt and kefir to help keep his good buggies around. I am sooo very very tired of seeing him in pain with his ears. Gotta bring out the big guns.

So the elevator pic is the only pic we took this trip. It was that good of a trip hehe. He sure does love the elevator though...and this month it was like we lived in NYC. I just noticed that my mom and him are kinda dressed alike..too funny! He loves his nana no doubt.

The first pic..super smiley guy with apple...I took tonight. Notice the tear...the pic was taken not 15 seconds after a full on tantrum...I cant even remember over what. He sure is a pistol that child...but I am so glad he has an opinion, a voice and conviction!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home at Last

I have a new appreciation (or sympathy) for those that travel regularly for work. It is not much fun in my opinion. The packing and unpacking and jet lag and overall needing to play catch up on everything from laundry to hubby huggin.

We decided to come back one day early from the conference due to my poor mother being worn out, bedraggled and a bit ill. Grant was a handful to say the least. I believe he was sick of travlin, missed his daddy and just wanted to be at home in his own bed and play with his own friends. Yes, he did have fun showing off for the entire Marriott, conference and anyone who would pay him mind, but he was overtly annoyed with the situation. He was...a HELLION. Oh my and how. The child was loud and assertive and angry at times.

I was fortunate enough to get 8 classes in (counting those ceu credits!) and networked a tad. It was a good quality conference...but NEVER AGAIN will I take my child (well unless of course it is a baby). It should be more of a retreat and more of a networking event...with him there I was always running back to check on him and worryign about him in general.

Grant is SUPER SUPER SUPER excited to be home. He is ecstatic! He is joyful. He is celebrating! He is in love with his daddy and doggies. We are all happy to be here in the warmth of our blue love with each other.

Monday, January 21, 2008

On the Road Again

Oh glorious we come. We have never met before...but I just know you will supercede your less than less attractive reputation. Hopefully at least.

I am so very tired. Grant's ear is still weeping..although much less (but it is still alot). I am stressed over it. Not sure what I should do now...just keeping on with massage, onion juice drops and probiotics. Will change varialbes if nothing improves in a couple days.

My Mom is here and we are all packed...just waiting for my boss so we can caravan.

Have a great week...and thank Dr. King. You rock.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Breastfeeding may give kids lasting protection from stress

More evidence that breast is best!

My poor hubby caught the flu last night as the clock struck midnight. Poor fella. Ive been taking care of him all day and bleaching the house while trying to pack (again so soon is just bizarre and annoying). I also had to run to the store for dog food. Fortunately Grant is still hanging tough and doesnt appear to have the flu...although he has taken 2 long naps today.

take care

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mother sings as she labors

This video made me cry...with awe and admiration. Enjoy

Friday, January 18, 2008

Less than Human

Grant and I spent all of last night and today sicker than sick. Fortunately he is much less sick than I...and I give all the credit to breastmilk. It is the flu. I am miserable. I just feel terrible for baby bear....teething, ear infections and now this!

Like the makeover? Its very feminine.

I will be out of town next week...going to a conference. I will be able to post a bit from the business center within the Marriott. Grant is coming with me and my mother is coming too....she is going to play nanny...which is such a blessing!

Have a great weekend! Hope you are feeling more human than i!

Love Paula

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Natural Remedy for Ear Infection

How are you today? Hopefully very well. But if you are not don't dispare...change is indefininitely in the air. So don't get too comfortable even if you are on top of the world.

It snowed last night! We probably were blessed with about 3 inches of the white fluffy. This morning the ground glittered like a million diamonds in the full sun. It was quite spectacular! Grant is happily consuming mass amounts of the manna. He sure is lucky it is a heavy snow winter.

Regarding his double ear infections.....last night I threw away the bottle of Bactrim. Good riddence! That stuff is really just wrong. I mean if you are dying from a serious infection and they need to pull out all the stops...then by all means help yourself to a phat portion. However...for everyday bacterial infections...Im sorry but that stuff is just too iffy and too strong.

So I simmered some fresh garlic in olive oil and made some of Grandma's medicine. A few warm drops in each ear later...and we were off to bed. He did still squirm about in discomfort last night. I also brought out the heating pad and was very careful not to burn him but the warmth was also helpful. This morning.........his ruptured drum side was not caked with dried discharge! First time in over a week! Very exciting stuff. It did still have some "honey" in it, but much less. I went ahead and gave him the last dose of the antibiotic drops just to make sure and complete the cycle. However starting tonight...we are going with garlic oil drops & warm onion compress. As soon as I can get to the Merc we will also try our hand with Belladonna and vitamin C. I am truly excited about this turn of events! Hopefully within a few days Grant will be infection free! I will let you know our progress. By the is a bit controversial to put anything in a suspected ruptered ear drum. However, from my research I feel confident going ahead with it. It absorbs through the membrane nomatter if its ruptured or not...and many parents have had great success using garlic oil for ruptures. Why is parenting always such a gamble? Nothing in this life is black or white...even if it appears so at first glance.

I must boss is waiting to join me at the Historical Society's Chili Feed hehe. Beans here I come. Thanks for stopping by. Later today I hope to post some more of the "Lost Ones" that I just found.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reality Bites - Double Ear Infections and such

Playing catch up at work is soooo much fun. But seriously...I am not ready for this abrupt end to a delicious holiday. Please take me back.

There is a board meeting tonight I am dreading. Hopefully I can get out of it.

Grant has a double ear infection...with one side ruptured and weeping for 10 days now. The pediatrician prescribed a sulphur based antibiotic, because baby bear is allergic to the penicillin varieties. After reading the insert and doing a bit of internet research...I am NOT going to give it to him. The name is Bactrim. Heard of it? Well its older than penicillin and you can straight up die from it (sure its 1 in a million...but do you want your kid to be that 1?). Sounds like around 50% of folks have side effects from it...and knowing my son...he would be one of them. Besides the fact that this drug is some scary ass shit stuff - I'm not into antibiotics for the most part. They really screw up your gut flora so much that it can take 18 months to recover! Gut health has ALOT to do with overall health. I am scrambling to do natural remedy type treatment. This thread on is my starting point. Geesh...I wish I would have been prepared early on. My original method of treatment was watch and wait. Usually it should have healed already on its own. However...since that has not happened...I'm going in for the kill.

Now I have to defend myself to my mother and my husband as to why the bottle of Bactrim we paid for yesterday is going in the garbage.

I would appreciate any advice on holistic treatment for his boo boo.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Florida Pics

Snow Birds for Life - Back from Florida

Its kinda weird sitting back at the feels familiar yet oddly foreign. I have been on holiday...and it did the trick..I no longer have the winter blues!

Unfortunately blogger is having some technical I cannot post the Grant pics as of yet...however I will be watching and waiting and soon..oh so very too will witness the innocence and charm of a little boy experiencing the ocean..the beach...the sand...the birds and boats and dolphins. OK..I don't really think he saw the dolphins but I sure did!

Grant says Ocean now...its SO adorable I could pee my pants. He was a handful to say the least...but heck...he is 18 months old...and a mighty spunky one at that. He did however enjoy the trip immensely and learned a lot. He got lots of Nana and Papa time as well as Mama time...and that is priceless. I want to share with you more of the amazing details...but we just arrived in from a long day of travel. It actually would not have been suuuuuuuch a long day if we hadn't spent 2 hours...yes 2 the pediatricians office. Grant's ear is still I felt we definitely needed to have a second opinion (second to my own). Anyhoo....Daddy was able to take the day off we had some fun romping around the airport...then a leisurely lunch and then went to the Dr. THANK GOD daddy was able to come.....I told him he may have very well saved my life today. I'm not I could have handled 2 hours with Grant in that least not acting civilized. I'm a bit worn out from the whole trip actually. Travel...although worth exhausting.

So please come back and enjoy the pics and travel journal. I truly want to be a snow bird for life. I didn't miss static electricity at all!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Outta Here

The only minor itch in planning a serendipitous trip to that one must cram 2 weeks worth of work into 1. Normally that would not be a big deal for me...since I have a government job and all...but it just so happens that I had a publication to get out before I leave. Not only that..but I have to update the website and create all the promotional materials and keep my current programs supported. Long story short....Ive been stressed..and working my tits bottom off. Its all good though......because things are coming together...and this time tomorrow I will be listening to the ocean!

I am so glad I decided to leave Grant here in the midwest. He will just be a bother on the plane..and this way I can truly relax and have a good time!

Just joking...I could never leave little bear behind. I just wanted to see if I could pull your leg....did I do it? I'm a terrible prankster. (terrible as in not very good at it).

Anyhoo...there are lots of topics I want to write about on my CIO - or crying it out..a popular method of sleep training that I wish would disappear from the face of the earth. I just realized again how glad I am that I don't use it because in a situation where your child suffering from an undiscovered ear infection...and his ear is bursting open from the pressure...and mom just thinks he is being a stinker and wants out of his she ignores him....oh whoa is me. Crying should be respected and responded too...I don't care if they are begging to get out of the crib. So anyhoo..eventually I will post links about the research on how CIO wires the brain strangely and other bizarre connections to CIO.

I also have been sitting on the crazy ass topic of the slave children chocolate workers..and how most chocolate companies still use it! Man were my eyes opened up with a quickness. Only fair trade chocolate for me. computer access for me while on many blessings to you and yours and please do come back next Wednesday when I promise to share many adorable pictures of Grant soaking in the sun and hopefully you will feel like you were there.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sick and sicker

Times are....times are tough challenging to say the least. Grant's ear was FULL of dried wax when we picked him up from day care. After a nice hot shower...I swiped ALOT of a honey like substance from it. Tres reminiscent of the ruptured ear drum of just 3 months ago! Should I take him to the Dr...just to find out what I already know? I really should make the journey to the chiropractor! Yes...I shall call for an appt. I soooo dread that trip though...35 minutes one way..and Grant still detests his car seat for anything longer than 3 minutes..and even that's too long sometimes.

The crazy thing is...he never let on that his ear was killing him! Yes he has has interrupted sleep lately..especially the night before last (when it was super full and almost bursting). I thought it was most likely teething (always the safe alibi)..which he IS teething ...the BIG 4 - 2 year molars...all at once! I truly believe his pain threshold is very high. GERD babies tend to be this way...because they are born into they become immune to it for the most part.

I sure hope he doesn't loose any hearing from all of this!

My husband Dave has been moping about for days with a serious head cold. Last night he coughed ALLLL night. I sure hope we don't get it as bad as he. Yes I have a cold...but I am holding my own. I'm sure the herbal tea and extra vitamins help. My concern is that Grant and I will get super sick upon arriving in Florida. Or that Grant's ears will hurt terribly on the plain. HOWEVER.........I am not going to live in fear. Fear will eat me alive. I can lay awake at night thinking of all the things that could wrong on this trip...(and I have done so)....but I AM NOT GOING TO DO IT ANYMORE. Live in the present Paula. Prepare and then go and much as humanely possible.

Oh and to top off this lovely array of dear old pup Sadi who is like almost 14....has a strange looking wart / tumor (warmor?) on her butt..and she is aggravating it so it was bleeding a lot last night. I applied witch hazel...but Im not going to pay for it to be I? Garsh...all this right before we leave on a big airoplane Thursday morning. Pray for me.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy 18 Month Old Birthday Grant!

Today is the day.....Grant is officially 18 months old! Craziness I tell you! How can it be? My little baby burrito has metamorphosed into a little man...with a huge personality, a big imagination, a gigantic heart and a serious opinion on everything.

He was such an angel over the weekend. Such a complete flip from last week...when one evening I had to put myself in a time out so I didn't blister his bottom. The kid knows how to press buttons...and he is so darn good at it. But fortunately..its all ebb and flow...and most of the time he is just easy going and darling to be around.

This weekend we had good times. Saturday night he was able to spend hours playing with his best bud TJ. Dave and I actually went out on a DATE! We had uninterrupted sushi dinner (aka no child throwing rice) followed by a live show! It was magical. We caught Andy McKee at the Bottleneck. What a perfect show to share with my husband. Andy rocks some amazing guitar finger styling...truly spectacular. We had FUN! And Grant was asleep by TJs house. It was wacky wild. He signed to Desiree (TJs Mom)that he wanted to go to sleep so she tucked him in with a book...and he complained just a couple times...not crying just complaining...and then to dreamland. I am so proud of you big boy. We swooped him up around midnight and took him home with us where we snuggled and slept soundly together. Such a delightful date night! Thanks Desiree for being the best babysitter ever...and a truly good friend.

Sunday...was low key. Daddy had to work. But Grant and I played all day...took a seriously long nap..and then off to the park for a play date...with who else but TJ! They played sooo cute. Des and I had our mom talk time...and enjoyed watching them toddle around. She shared with me a video she had taken the night before...of them imaginatively playing. The night's grand finale was TJ plunging into a half foot of icy cold snow melt!

Grant..I want to write you a sum up all that you are doing these days...and all the love we have for you. It will have to wait a bit..but I promise to do Baby Amore so beautifully wrote for her little ones Sam and Joel.

Happy Birthday little boy Grant. I love you to the moon and back.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Everyday Minerals review

WOW...I LOVE my new make up! Its V exciting. I actually enjoy putting it on...and the results are quite radiant if I do say so myself. I went with Everyday Minerals...which is a home based enterprise based on the principle of safe ingredients and amazing products. I love that the ingredients are pure and simple. My lipstick has like 6 different oils and waxes and nothing I cannot pronounce. For a girl who did NOT put on makeup....this is a major step. To actually appreciate the quality of makeup is not something I am not familiar with. Usually its all carcinogenic crap.

I must admit something that is V embarrassing. While I was throwing out all my OLD disgusting makeup that I never dawned on me that........HOLY COW...this shit is ....are you ready....are you sitting down.....14 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How sad is that? Turns out that most of it was from 1993. Does that tell you how often I use the stuff? I believe the recommended shelf life is like 6 months for mascara and 1 year for most everything else. Crazy! The really frightening part is that I had used some of the junk periodically over the years. What was I thinking? I wasn't. I bet many a gal out there needs to throw out the old and get some new. Time flies and all of sudden your eye shadow is older than your niece.

Honestly...I am really into experimenting with my new make up. It is all powder..and all mixable. So eye shadow, foundation, bronzer, blush...all the colors can be mixed if you want to try something new. Today I just stuck with the label..and I feel pretty...I mean prettier :). I really do feel polished. I'm telling you...the ingredients are all the difference! Please do check them out.

and because we love Grant so much..and Grant is so looking forward to seeing his Grantparents next week in is a pic from their last farewell:

Friday, January 4, 2008

more of the lost ones

One sad element to the baby to work that at some point my computer guy "fixed" my pc..and ended up loosing hundreds of pics I had taken...and there were handful of infant grant pics in there! Boo hoo. Just rotten.

But we still have these dandies:

Here he is painting with water at 11 months old:

And here he is pulling up for the first time at 7 months old:

Obviously he soon became frustrated at not being able to scale the happy cabana..making it officially the unhappy cabana at least for that moment.

and lastly my favorite office pics... 4 months old here.such a tubby!

Hard to believe that sweet baby is now an independent 18 month old (at least on Monday he will be).

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bring Your Baby to Work

I must be the luckiest girl on the planet...or at least one of them...because my employer was cool enough that they granted my request to bring my newborn son with me to work...part time. It was wonderful! This seriously helped with the transition from new mother, maternity full time career again. He kind of became the mascot of sorts for the agency. Folks would stop by just to see him. And for many many months after he stopped coming they would peek into my office to see if he was here. About 5 months ago I stopped bringing Grant to work with me on a regular basis. He had just started a new day care just 4 minutes from the office, so I started spending my lunch hour with him which was wonderful. Also about that time he stopped taking a bottle so I was able to stop pumping (HUTH!) which ROCKED the kazba. And beyond all that...he was really into everything and was semi challengin to have around. However...I can still bring him in anytime I like and do periodically so my boss can get his Grant fix ("you gonna bring the boy back by?" he snorts.

I decided to do some housekeeping in my office computer...and started uploading all the pics of Grant to my photobucket site. These are like the lost ones. A whole era of baby to work pics that chronical an amazing period of our lives. A time when my office looked very much like a nursery. Many a poopy diapers were removed here..and many many nursing memories too. I remember kind of being irritated when folks would come by while he was nursing or napping. Man...I really am so fortunate...and Im excited that many progressive employers are providing for a mother and child's transitional needs with "infant to work" policies sometimes even outlined under benefits. Or you can be a pioneer in your work place and campaign for a new policy. Worked for me! Never know till you ask. So go for it. I cant believe all those precious hours I would have missed with my son if I hadnt.

So here are some of the lost ones. More to come tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

I am so glad my husband and I sat down yesterday while Grant was snoozing to watch and absorb Al Gore's 2006 (forever ago right?) documentary...An Inconvenient Truth! Climate change and global warming are not new issues to me..not at all..and I felt that I knew a lot about it even before the flick. is full of compelling scientic proof that just screams....this shit is not fiction...its right here in front of you just look at it....WAKE is the time to make the is your future flashing before you.

And I must say..that Al Gore really touched my heart with his narration, personal stories and very courageous campaign to make a difference. Turns out he was turned on to climate change in college. His professor was the first to study the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere...and the data revealed they were skyrocketing! This really made an impact on him...and from then on he set out to research the evidence and spread the word. This man is my new hero. He actually went to the White House with his researche...expecting to be heard and changes to be made...but that was not the case. This man has been beaten and abused by the political system again and again (remember hangin chads and the total BULLSHIT of the 2000 election?)but he continues on because this is in his heart and he cannot stop! I fell in love with Al yesterday :).I dont give a shart what other crap he might have done in his life...this goodness trumps all of that in my book.

If you only have a moment to check out the situation... please start here. Although I couldnt find the AMAZING sceientific data that he shared in the movie. So I really hope you will put An Inconvenient Truth on your queue and watch it (again) as soon as possible. It really puts a flame under your arse! Especially when you have children.

The best part is the end...where he highlights solutions. His data suggests that if we do the things we outta do (quite simple things really) that we CAN have an atmosphere like we had in the 70s! And we can accomplish this in less than 10 years if we start...NOW. Ready set.....GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo.

and here is my #1 reason for caring so much about global warming

well and his children..and their children..and so on and so on to the 7th generation etc