Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I really want to write...I really do...sincerely...Im going to give it another whirl...thanks to the pressure from Stacy :). I need a little kick to get thanks Stacy.

Grant turned 4 this month! Four years since my vagina was officially wrecked (ouch). I mean...four years since I turned into a Mother...four years since my life was turned upside by tremendous love for what ended up being a pretty sick little baby...four years since my husband and I have had a whole night to ourselves...four years since Grant breathed his first breath of earthly air and gazed up at me and said I LOVE YOU I NEED YOU DONT LEAVE ME PLEASE HELP ME. Its been a trip thats for sure and I would not trade him for hot sex or a trip to Belize...oh no...he is mine...and he is of me...and we have known each other for forever. I love you Grant.

Now about this blogging thing....Im going to think like a blogger and have my topics chosen before I sit down...because thats how its enjoyable to me and probably you. So off to think I am.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A huge milestone happened this baby started preschool. Sure we had tried preschool in the past but this is the real deal. We are serious this time...he is ready and willing...and the school itself is fabulous. He attends from 8:30am - 1:30pm Monday through Friday. This changes my life DRAMATICALLY. I cant tell you how much relief this is giving me. I welcome the change in routine. I almost feel like a new woman!!! Its also giving my 10 month old (tomorrow) daughter and I a chance to have some girl time and get to know each other even better.
Here he is posing on the first day of school! Its the first day of the rest of his life!!!