Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I really want to write...I really do...sincerely...Im going to give it another whirl...thanks to the pressure from Stacy :). I need a little kick to get thanks Stacy.

Grant turned 4 this month! Four years since my vagina was officially wrecked (ouch). I mean...four years since I turned into a Mother...four years since my life was turned upside by tremendous love for what ended up being a pretty sick little baby...four years since my husband and I have had a whole night to ourselves...four years since Grant breathed his first breath of earthly air and gazed up at me and said I LOVE YOU I NEED YOU DONT LEAVE ME PLEASE HELP ME. Its been a trip thats for sure and I would not trade him for hot sex or a trip to Belize...oh no...he is mine...and he is of me...and we have known each other for forever. I love you Grant.

Now about this blogging thing....Im going to think like a blogger and have my topics chosen before I sit down...because thats how its enjoyable to me and probably you. So off to think I am.

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