Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Circumcision - worth the risk?

I know its common practice in the good ole US of A...but its definitely still an elective surgery, and one that for many many reasons should be taken seriously. "Normal" doesnt mean right...or right for your child. The following article discloses the fact that circumcision can kill. Circs gone wrong are generally not in the media spotlight. Please read it and if you feel compelled...look into the case against circumcision. Did God create the penis flawed? I dont think so.


and also the following is one of many informative websites on the case against circumcision:


and if you are for circumcision...you owe it to yourself to watch the procedure


(if you cannot view that file...there are plenty to choose from if you scroll down some more)

Physician Opinions

Dr. Benjamin Spock MD
Dr. Spock now believes that circumcision of males is traumatic, painful, and of questionable value."My own preference, if I had the good fortune to have another son, would be to leave his little penis alone".Redbook, April 1989

Dr. William Sears MD
There are many misconceptions and out-of-date information that parents may read.

Dr. Dean Odell
I have had a long and vociferous opposition to the practice of routine male circumcision."If men knew what they were missing they would storm the hospitals and stop this practice".

Dr. Gifford Jones
I'm convinced that most families make a decision on circumcision without knowing much about this procedure.

Dr. Cat Saunders, Ph.D
Having had only circumcised lovers is like growing up with a black-and-white TV and then finding out there's color. If all you've ever known is black-and-white television, that's pretty wonderful in itself. But if you had a choice, wouldn't you rather have the full spectrum?

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Stacy Light Mygatt said...

When I was an older teen, I knew a guy having a circumcision done and he was about 21 or 22. I don't remember why though...

Paula said...

i think its only right to leave it up to a man to decide for himself - rather than parents doing it. thanks for sharing stacy.

Anonymous said...

Our son nearly died when the circumcision cut came open and he bledam amazing amount of blood into his diaper. The worst experience of my life. That's the only reason I wouldn't do it again.

Some of the comments quoted, though are pretty ridiculous.
I have had sex with both circumcised and uncircumcised men - zero difference for me. And I think zero difference for them. There is not the huge loss of sensation for men that people claim. Also, circumcised men actually do have lower incidence of contracting and spreading some STDs. We spent A LOT of time reading about and talking about what to do before we did it. I finally left it up to my husband, and he decided that it would make our son's life easier socially - yes, because we do live in the US and most men are still circumcised. We probably should leave it up to the boy to decide what he wants to do when he is old enough to make that decision.