Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bronwyn update

Things are good...things are great. Especially when the children are sleeping! I love them I do....but its SO challenging to deal with almost never getting a full minute to process a thought!!!!


My daughter is the most beautiful girl baby I have EVER seen! She is just perfect...when I see her my heart does a back flip. Seriously...the girl is gorgeous, smart, precious, sweet and um...obviously mine right? I never thought I would have a daughter...and she is such a special suprise...I know I am blessed. Im SO looking forward to getting to know her.

She turned 6 months old yesterday! Im so glad she is hearty for the winter. As soon as I knew I was pregnant...I did the math and was relieved to know she would have a good head start before winter..and all the pretty sicknesses that brings! Bronwyn is long and light. She is presently attempting to crawl...getting into position and rocking. She is pulling up!!! She talks...dada....nana...its very cute. She is a lazy laugher...and although she smiles readily..her laughs are more rare. She adores her brother! She walks in the walker...just this week walking the house over. She loves to play with toys on her play mat and easily tosses them from hand to hand...mauling all of them of course. I have yet to really start feeding her solids...but she does play with taste and texture and so far loves everything including: frozen cherries, frozen blueberries, bananas, clementines, cauliflower, mashed taters and even Kix (bad mom). I plan on starting to feed her more in the very near future as she does have the interest and has reached an age where I feel very comfortable with it.

Funny how I was feeding her brother Grant 3 meals a day by 6 months. This time around Im straight up more lazy..and I know its recommended that breastfed babies dont need solids in the first actually just takes up space...where as breastmilk is MUCH more nutritios. But I see her true interest and yearning for the I will allow her to indulge! to parenting

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