Sunday, November 15, 2009

So Yoga....

Decided to attend yoga on Thursday from 5:30 - 6:30pm. It was already dark before I left my cozy home...and I a few moments of indecisiveness. But I did it! I left my fussy baby (she was sooo tired) and I left the dishes dirty and I even left my car behind (it was trapped in the drive way so at the last harried second I took my moms van).

Sure I was the last one to arrive...but I made it...and for that alone I am proud. And that's where the pride in all of this ends. The nice lady at the counter asked if it was my first time and ushered me to the FRONT OF THE CLASS where she laid out my mat and blanket. Now I had about 20 ladies behind me...watching my rumpus bob up and down. But ya didn't bother me...well just a tinge because I did have my heart set on the back so I could learn from watching others....but overall I guess I am just secure enough to be OK with that arrangement.

Basic least that class that day at that time with that teacher...was pretty cool. It was much more difficult than I had imagined. Funny how one forgets how OLD they are or how long it has been since they used their core or balanced on one leg. The first half of the hour was spent on the floor doing core work. It was VERY difficult. I kept watching the clock...wondering when the stretching and meditation would begin. Then we moved to our feet and did a bunch of balancing which was very fun as well as very challenging. I was TRULY surprised with how out of balance I had become....quite a metaphor for my life right now. We did some stretching and ended with a nice meditative cool down. By the end I was really happy I had made it and interested to see how future classes would go. Hopefully next time my friend Jennifer will make it out with me...that will surely add to the fun factor.

When I arrived home I found the dishes done (thanks Dave) and Bronwyn passed out after crying and crying. :( ho hum. Its SO hard for me to leave her...especially at bed time. I wish I could attend a day class. If I could just do the class with her in the baby bjorn! ;_) I suppose I may have to find a different "me time" that could include her...but then I'm still serving..still on the clock...but who am I kidding...Mamas are ALWAYS ALWAYS on the clock...forever more...and that's fine by me....cause I love em to pieces...I wanna eat em up.

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