Wednesday, August 1, 2007

all in a week

so you may ask yourself...self..i wonder what grant has been up to this week? hmmmmmmmm......well....ALOT

stubbed toe for the first time...and it isnt healing bc he re injures it

ate dog poop...YES....ate dog poop...mother lovely old ladies (13.5 year old dogs) leave little "milk duds" for me every month or so...for some reason they only lay these raunchy hard(bite size) eggs in the light of a new i awake to find them between my toes....well i guess one day this week i didnt find them...but guess who did? my son starts to cough (he has been sickish) and then he starts to hard cold wretching (no pic sorry)...and then the exorcism begins....a mouth full of black/brown/frothy/mucousy (hope your not eating)stuff comes up and i grab a towel to help first i was worried it was dried blood...i was honestly freaked out...wish i had a video of my face...then i gave it a sniff and holy bejeezus...its DOG POOP. it was rediculous. thank god his body had enough since to get rid of it (or try to ...i know he digested a good portion). oh the joys of child mobility combined with ancient mutts.

so surely that is all your delightful, charming, advanced (hehe) & curious (i mean that in a nice way) son has been up to this week right mama? NO...indeed

feasting on spaghetti the other night....he coughed and landed a piece in his sinuses. he was rubbing his face hard and making crazy tickly insane grimaces. we figured something was up there..didnt know exactly what item or how large. i took him out into the sun to help him sneeze no luck. after being back inside for about 3 minutes KABOOM...the sneeze of the century and out came about a 1/4 cup of snot mixed with the culprit...............a get this....3 inch noodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wonder that tickled....and mama tries to cut up the pieces smaller...but i swear...oh well. i had to pick the piece out of the kleenex just to see the enormity of it! how disgusting right hehe.

other than that he just has a yeast infection on his bumm which drives him crazy...oh and he is teething (2 coming in)...and then of course theres the cough, wheezing and labored breath so needless to say....he has been quite bored this week.


Christina Joy said...

I'm sorry but I had to laugh a little at your story about the spaghetti...its just so much better in writing! And not at all funny... ;)

Paula said...

im glad you got a giggle from it...i was definitely aiming for that slant..although it truly was less than so in the moment :)