Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beautiful Eggs

I find the homogenous white eggs at the grocery store a bit creepy. Not only are the poor mothers of those eggs Sad, miserable and pumped with antibiotics and hormones..the eggs themselves are less than delicious.

Here are some beautful eggs....each unique in size, shape and color. Some have a little hey sticking to them. Most importantly....their chicken mamas are happy little birds...scouring the yard for insects and having the life a chicken deserves. These eggs are SO delicious too....its like happiness adds flavor. Doesnt hurt that they have no antibiotics or hormones the health of the egg is passed on to my family. AHHHHHH.

I always seek out farm eggs wherever I roam. These gorgeous specimens are delivered weekly at the affordable and luxurious price of get this.....$1.50/dozen!!!!! Could we be any luckier? The nice lady has 20 chickens and just allows us to enjoy her bounty. I encourage you to ask around and find such a chicken lady of your own. You will be SO glad you did.


Anonymous said...

I love farm fresh eggs! My dad usually has some for me, the yolks are so yellow!

Anonymous said...

I remember as a kid on the farm we used to have a chicken coop--until we got tired of dealing with the snakes and coyotes.

But my mom would crack open an occasional egg and oops! There'd be a beak. Maybe happened twice in the years--but it's all I remember and cannot eat brown eggs now. =(