Monday, July 14, 2008

Gone Camping

So Saturday morning we serendipitously headed out on a camping expedition 1.5 hours after our weary heads rose from the pillow! How is that for spontaneous?

I must say that we did NOT rough it however. We borrowed my very generous brother in law's adorable little TAP (camper) and rolled on out of town with our king size bed in tow. I failed to get pictures that truly captured the fun of Grant's first camping trip. He did make up a camping song that proved to me without a doubt that he LOVES camping hehe. It went something like this:

la la la, la la la, CAMPING (claps)
la la la, la la la, CAMPING (claps)

It was SOOOO cute. Wish the camcorder would have been going for that one.

We enjoyed a fire (hotttt....moke as Grant noted), a gorgeous view of the lake from our camp site, a suprisingly comfortable outdoor temperature, Grant's first ride on a Sea Doo (jet ski), swimming in the lake, picking up lots of sticks and rocks, a conservation program on animals that come out at night, using flashlights (BIG hit right now!!), cooking on the fire (although it was really just heating up a stromboli sandwich) and lots of socialization. It was a great time.

See the Tab in the background? Thats a sweet little camper I tell you.

Made good friends with kids in the neighborhood "Moke" in his eyes

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Zip n Tizzy said...

Camping's our favorite thing to do with the boys.
Glad Grant had a good time!