Thursday, July 17, 2008

How old is too old to breastfeed?

I attended my first ever Le Leche League meeting the other night. Funny how it took 2 years to make it. I questioned my rational for it even for me at this point in the nursing relationship? However...I am SO glad we attended (Grant and I). I was surprised how many questions I had...about night weaning etc...and how many questions I had input on for others.

The group had varying ages of children....all the way from a tiny 2 week an almost 5 year old...ALL still nursing. So Grant was not the oldest...and that was a great added value for me. I realized that the pressure I have been getting to wean had been weighing on me...and being around other "sustained breastfeeding relationships" was encouraging and intriguing. I checked out two books from their lending is Nursing Toddlers and the other is How Weaning Happens.

My nursing toddler is begging for attention, so I must go. However.....this topic is on my mind...and I really want to blog about it. I know that the average person is estranged from long term there is no doubt a curiosity about it. I myself have hang old is "too old"? I certainly do not see Grant nursing at.....well I used to think 3 but now I am not so sure. The more I read and research and learn and grow as a mother....the more I question my breastfeeding breastfeeding rules and regulations.


Anonymous said...

My doctor said at least 1 year. My sister said until they can open your shirt themselves.


Meagan Eve said...

Hello! I found your blog randomly and thought you would find this article about weaning very interesting- I know I did:

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

I got excited when you appeared in my feed reader for some reason it showed 25 posts(old ones)

I am interested how you are going and if you are still BF Grant [we are ;)]

I hope all is well with you.