Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Grant!

In Nana's garden.

Can it be that 2 years ago today I was having my first early labor contractions? I was at work and noticed that my lower abdominal "cramps" were happening over and over...maybe I should start noting the times. After lunch I decided to stay home...I was feeling strange and those darn cramps were not going away. By 5PM I wanted to call the midwife and check in. She told me to go to the movies. By 6PM I was in active labor.....translation...IN MADD PAIN. The contractions turned from tolerable to HOLY SHIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. We still needed to shower and that took awhile. It was not until 9PM that we stumbled into the birth center. I was 9 cm ! Grant was up high so I had lots of pushing to attend to (which started on the drive :( ). He was born at 10:56PM!!!!!

Will post the birth story as soon as I find it!!! grrrrrr.

Happy birthday dear son Grant Paul!!!!! You rocked my world and turned it upside down! You are gorgeous and smart and sweet and funny....I love your idiosyncrasies and oddness...I even love your rebellious spirit. Thank you for making me into a better person...and a mother. Life will never be the same again. to write him a letter. (each year I archive a birthday letter to Grant..and will give them all to him someday...either his 18th...or when he moves out...haven't decided yet.)

Have a great seven seven.

Here is Grant finger painting with flour/water/food coloring paint. I think he would rather use guess what he is getting for his birthday? (well besides the balance bike)

Zen moment sitting on basketball (that he can dribble now)
Birthday dinner at Serras (yum) ...first candle of the birthday
Mixing his birthday cake with mom on the kitchen counter (that is his smile for the camera...isnt it hilarious) Oh and the cake turned out hilarious too!!Will post pic tomorrow. It is the UGLIEST cake ever. Hope it tastes better than it looks. Note to self...practice cake decoration.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! Is that not the cutest face? The garden is nice too :)

Putting the birthday wagon from Nana together. So intent!
My cherub (ya right)
All dressed up to attend a wedding...another posing smile you may notice
Thanks for visiting. Peace out


Alison said...

Gosh - What a gorgeous little man he is!
Happy birthday Grant, and happy giving birth day to you too mum!

Stacy Light Mygatt said...

it seems like just last month we were at the winery...and lugging around the Diaper Champ! ha ha

Then I remember re-reading your birth story while I was pregnant--it gave me goose bumps.

Now, your little guy is so big! I cannot believe our babies are growing up....

Anonymous said...

He is gorgeous! Happy Birthday Grant!!!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

What a gorgeous little guy Grant has grown into!
Happy birthday Grant
Happy giving birthing day Paula wonder mum of moment !
Sorry I am a little late
I was thinking you but it has been a busy week with everyone sick in the house except me!

Anonymous said...

You're funny.

Grant looks just like you....

Happy birthday Grant! Woo!